Apakah intellectual capital penting bagi kinerja & nilai pasar perusahaan? Riset pada perusahaan Perbankan dan Asuransi di Indonesia


Yennisa Yennisa Maisyaroh Maisyaroh


This research aims to test the effect of intellectual capital with three components (value-added efficiency of human capital, capital employed, and structural capital) on a firm and market performance. This research uses quantitative data; 130 of financial statements from banking and insurance companies from 2012–2016. This research use Value Added Intellectual Coefficient model (VAIC) and conduct test with multiple regression analysis. The result shows VAIC implication to firm and market performance. Value-Added Efficiency of Capital Employed (VACA) is the only one from the VAIC component does impact on firm performance. VACA and VAHU have an impact on market performance. Research implication for financial reporting or annual report emphasizes on voluntary disclosures in the future.